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Your new product to attract new CUSTOMERS

Shenae and a Sugoi

Do YOU have clients or customers that have a garden? or go 4WDvng, camping bushwalking, hunting, fishing or have a problem with overhanging trees palm fronds and nut bags?

If you have any clients with an interest in any of these areas then you may find that a quality Silky Saw from Japan is just what they were looking for to add to their kit.

And guess what? Finding out won’t cost you a thing and could lead to an increase in your bottom line.

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SILKY Saws Australia
PRABOS Chainsaw Protection Boots
OKATSUNE Secateurs and Snips
Unit 6 Number 2 Industry Drive, Capalaba  Qld  4157

P:  (07) 3823 1599
M:  0418 231 549
F:  (03) 8888 9969
E:  [email protected]